Smovey Health Online School

Hi, my name is Irene Treacy, I am delighted to welcome you to our online school where you will see a variety of courses including how to use smoveyMED for rehabilitation, increasing your fitness and for health & fitness professionals to learn about smoveyMED so they can help their client’s like I have been helping mine since 2015. It’s so exciting that you are here looking at these courses, whether you’re looking for assistance in how to get best results from your smoveyMED or looking to help your client’s, you’ve come to the right place. When I started with smovey, I was the 1st English speaking person in the company and had to go to Austria for my training, so I’m honoured to bring the World's first and only smoveyMED training to you online. I have personally worked with such a diverse population over the years from children to seniors and everyone in between. I’ve worked with very sick children to elders with very limited mobility and all have said that smoveyMED has improved their quality of life. I’ve worked with clients that were given no hope for improvement, even my own father was told by a consultant to get his house disabled friendly because “his autonomic nervous system was broken which can’t be repaired and he’d never walk again”. With daily use of smoveyMED , regular physiotherapy and positive coaching, my father was walking within 3 weeks and is getting stronger and stronger day by day. I provide personal one on one and group coaching to include a wide range of services to improve mobility, balance, overall health, confidence and in general make my clients happier than they were. I am a certified practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, PD Warrior, Parkinson’s Regeneration Trained, smoveyMED practitioner and certified Yoga and Meditation Teacher. I am currently studying and very excited to become a Neuro Coach . I offer all my courses and treatments in our studio in Tramore Co. Waterford and also offer online support. Please contact me through if you’d like further information. Please check for personal testimonials from people that I have previously worked with.
Smovey Health Online School

More about smoveyMED

  • smoveyMED exercise tool

    This dynamic vibration therapy tool was designed by Swiss Neurologist, Dr. Ivan Di Stefano is simple to use yet is having extraordinary results from improving balance, coordination, increase flexibility, mobility, circulation , reduce pain & so much more. The vibrations of this health and wellness tool activate the reflex zones in the palms of the hands and the vibration travels through the central nervous system having many pleasing and effective benefits. smoveyMED has many features as an exercise tool and can be used indoors or outdoors. Smovey is recommended by World Renowned Doctors like Dr. Peter Levin, Dr. Stephen Porges, Dr. Zach Bush & many more.

  • SmoveyMED Massage tool

    This wonderful device is not only a superb exercise tool but also makes a magnificent massage tool helping to remove stiffness, rigidity, aches or pains. The vibrations have an immediate effect reducing pain when smoveyMED gently applied to a specific area and is the result of gate theory of pain. Massaging the tummy area has been effective for reducing constipation, period pains and IBS. Massaging the knees and legs is very effective for restless legs. We also have lots of clients that massage their head with one smoveyMED to eliminate headaches & migraines. Try massaging smoveyMED on varicose veins for any difference.

  • smoveyMED Professional

    This course is for clients to improve their knowledge & skills and also for health and fitness professionals that want to help their clients improve their quality of life while making an income from recommending and coaching. Test ONLY for professionals at the end of the course. Once certified, you can charge for private tuition, classes and we also sell smoveyMED to professionals at discounted prices. We are thrilled to bring the very first smoveyMED coaching online and trust that you will find it interesting and beneficial at the same time.